Elite Consulting Group Takes Entire Team to Miami

Elite Consulting Group in Indianapolis, IN is all about giving their employees the opportunity to travel. By experiencing new places, cultures, and events, they ultimately will grow as individuals and professionals. In the management training program at the Indy-based firm, personal growth is a key factor to their employees’ success. Recently the entire team traveled to Miami Florida for a sunny getaway. Hear all about the trip through Ashley Beuoy’s eyes!

elite-consulting-group-miamitrip-1On the flight from Indianapolis to Miami, Ashley says she spent most of the time watching Grey’s Anatomy on her iPad. Unfortunately, she only had time to download one episode so she watched it on repeat! (Good thing Grey’s is amazing!) She also said that it was nice to just have some down time and relax with her coworkers while traveling.

In addition to getting some much-needed sun while in Miami, the Elite Consulting Group team had the chance to visit with some Floridian customers. So, to clarify… they got a free trip to Miami and had the chance to work and make money while they were there. And in case you were wondering… there was no Polar Vortex in Florida. Bonus! elite-consulting-group-miamitrip-3

Ashley said it was awesome to learn a lot from the Miami team. One of her biggest takeaways was that being consistent with her actions will lead to more consistent results. She also learned to relax more with customers. It’s easy to get nervous in front of customers, especially when new to an industry, but ultimately it comes down to just talking to people and shouldn’t be over-thought.


As for her favorite aspect of the trip, this is what she had to say:

“Bonding with my co-workers was the best part. They are all such amazing, kind people and I loved getting to know them more. We stayed in a house together all week which gave us the opportunity to just hang out outside of work and have some fun together. For me personally, enjoying the people you work with is a huge part of any job. Jobs can quickly become unbearable if you can’t get along with your co-workers. I’m thankful for them and this amazing opportunity we all get to experience together.”

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