Farhia on Fire in Indy

Farhia-Muse-Elite-Consulting-GroupThere’s a boss babe alert at Elite Consulting Group in Indianapolis, IN and her name is Farhia Muse!

With her previous experience of working on marketing and sales campaigns in Nashville, TN, South Florida, and Dallas TX, Farhia brings a lot of knowledge to the Elite Consulting Group team. What really stands out to her manager, Danisha, is that she is an amazing teacher. “Not only is Farhia constantly seeking out more knowledge for herself, but she shares it with the team and is always trying to help improve other people,” said Danisha.

Farhia believes that the opportunity for growth within the company is what the most valuable part of working for Elite Consulting Group is. She added, “There is no time paradox to fall within the barriers of, in order to advance in the company. So there is no seniority. Solely good integrity, work ethic, and a student mentality is all anyone needs to bring through the doors to be successful.”

Being a part of Elite Consulting Group’s expansion to Indianapolis has taught Farhia some valuable lessons that she shared with us.

  1. With high risk comes high reward.
  2. The camaraderie that grew between individuals in the company, grew substantially, because we all made the move together. 
  3. Watching your mentor achieve their goals, helped lay out the blueprint for me to do the same. It also helped me understand, first hand, what to do and what not to do. 

So what does Farhia believe separates a great leader versus an average leader? Putting others goals in front of her own. “The best way to be successful is to help other people be successful and inadvertently you will as well. An average leader would put their own goals first, thus having a group of followers rather than elevating other leaders,” explained Farhia. Elite Consulting Group is lucky to have such an inspiring, selfless leader on the team and if there was a “great leader poster child”, Farhia Muse would be it!

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