She’s Motivated! Meet Molly!

Elite-Consulting-Group-MollyAt Elite Consulting Group (Indianapolis, IN) we believe in delivering the best results, partnering with the best clients, and hiring the best talent. And we sure got what we were looking for with Molly Mullins! President Danisha Jinnah says that you can find Molly arriving to the office first and is the last one to leave, she is the first to volunteer for anything that needs doing, and she is committed to growing within the organization by helping others reach their goals.

Elite Consulting Group’s leadership team challenges employees to be constantly learning, improving, and striving for greatness. “I love watching other people become successful and being able to say that I had a hand in that. It’s such a great feeling to able to watch people’s dreams become reality. I’m learning a lot about myself too! I’m learning people skills and problem solving skills that help me in all aspects of my life. Working with Elite Consulting Group has been different than any other job because there’s no harsh cut throat competition. Everyone genuinely wants everyone else to succeed so there’s a lot of camaraderie that’s not found in any other work place,” explained Molly.

Molly grew up on a “little, tiny, five mile barrier island” called Brigantine in New Jersey. Although she comes from a little place, she has definitely embraced our company mindset of having big goals! “By the time I’m 50 years old, I hope to have founded a successful nonprofit rescue zoo. I want to provide a home for the animals who would otherwise have nowhere to go,” says Molly.

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